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The ability to connect and interact with students has become increasingly difficult for today's teachers who have to often overcome a large generation gap in order for their students empathize with them. Not only do they have to instruct their pupils about concepts identified years after their own education, but they also have to keep abreast with the latest technologies and lifestyle changes.

Students are more likely to connect with someone who thinks and acts like they do, rather than someone firmly identified with antiquated beliefs and processes. Even the very process of teaching has changed over the years: while education has traditionally been meant to increase the students' comprehension of concepts and theories, it has now become more important to focus on grooming their analytical and application skills. Students must now not only study and understand concepts, but must go a step further and learn to analyze and apply them to practical situations. This vocational-centric idea of education has resulted in an extensive change in the very definition of good education.

With this changing situation, it has become important to provide teachers with the necessary training to become more effective in imparting knowledge. With the growing importance of specialization across the world, the need for better-trained teachers is now being also felt beyond both national and cultural boundaries, making the well-trained teacher an invaluable product in a highly competitive world.